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Best Friend Apparel Walkease Winter Glove for Dog Owners



Our Product Review: Did you know the Walkease Winter Gloves were voted #1 new apparel product at #2 new product across all categories at the 2018 National Pet Industry Trade Show?? Crazy, eh?! There’s good reason too. These “everyday winter gloves” will make your dog walking experience “a little more enjoyable”. Honestly, one of the worst parts about winter is having to take your gloves off for any reason. Your phone, kleenex, keys, all reasons to de-glove and expose your hands to Canada’s winter winds. But what about dog owners? Including all the above, we also have to leash and unleash our dogs and grab and open poop bags. Now, opening a poop bag with a regular glove, well, I might as well not have any fingers cause it just doesn’t work. Soft, smooth fabrics and poop bags are like oil and water, they just don’t mix. Walkease Gloves are full of features, some obvious, and others not so obvious. From the exterior fleece on the thumbs for nose wipes, touchscreen friendly fingers, and synthetic grip finger tips for opening poop bags, you’ll be able to enjoy your dog walk without having to remove your gloves. There’s also two hidden pockets on each glove to store your bags, so no need of zipping and unzipping pockets with the potential to lose keys, phones, etc in the snow. If you own a dog or know somebody that does, and you live in a climate as diverse as Canada’s, these gloves are a must. Big thank you to Cory from Best Friend Apparel for sending this product our way.


Company’s Description:  The Walkease is the first ever winter glove designed by dog owners and dog lovers. We’ve all experienced those cold walks in the middle of winter. Not the most enjoyable experience. The Walkease was created to help make that cold winter walk a little more enjoyable. We’ve combined our love for dogs with quality, functionality, style and comfort to create the ultimate dog walking winter glove to get you through those long winter walks.

The Walkease are designed to be your everyday winter glove, but with specific features to make that winter dog walking experience a little more enjoyable!

  • Exterior- 100% polyester
  • Interior- 100% polyester fleece 60% nylon & 40% PU micro fiber
  • Waterproof
  • Form fitting
  • Balanced warmth and dexterity
  • Extended wrist cuff increases coverage and warmth
  • Two poop bag pockets on back of each glove
  • Synthetic grip finger tips on each glove provides ease in opening bags
  • Synthetic palm gripping provides maximum grip while holding leash
  • Exterior fleece on thumb for sweat/runny nose



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Our superstar reviewer is a bit out of sorts and will be taking a break from reviewing products for the next few months. He’s ruptured his CCL and meniscus and will be undergoing surgery in the new year, because of this we won’t be posting any new reviews for awhile.

However, once Goose makes a full recovery they’ll be loads of products to provide feedback on, lots we’ve never had to use before since Goose has always been healthy and active.

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