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Legendary Canine Wound & Hotspot Spray



Brand: Legendary Canine |  Type: Wound & Hotspot Spray |  Benefits: 100% All-Natural

Legendary Canine’s Description: For dogs with itch, hotspots or damaged skin.

Wound & Hotspot Spray for Dogs helps your dog’s minor skin irritations and hotspots naturally. Our special formula reduces redness and itch all while being lick safe and sting free because your dog’s safety and comfort is important. Our locking nozzle mechanism delivers a light, yet sufficient spray that makes treating your dog’s wounds quick and easy.

– Relieves itchy hotspots, increasing the healing time
– Sting free: No alcohol
– Made with 100% all natural ingredients
– Naturally heals hotspots and minor skin irritations
– Easy to use spray
– Lick safe

Source: Legendary Canine

Let’s put it to the ultimate test…

Dog Breed: Chocolate Lab  |  Name: Goose  |  Type of Chewer: Powerful+

Legendary Canine Wound & Hotspot Spray Product Review: Legendary Canine was awesome enough to send us a bottle of their Wound & Hotspot Spray and we’re oh so happy they did. The company owner, Nancy, reached out to us and we were happy to help out and review the product. Goose is a very allergic Lab. Not suffering from any food allergies, Goose tends to be more allergic to things outside, and by things I mean everything. Usually itchy and suffering from the odd skin hot spot on his stomach, this was the perfect product to put to the test. We’ve used other products in the past but this is by far the highest-quality and most effective we’ve tried and it will now hold a spot in our dog supply closet for years to come. Generally getting pimple like spots that are accompanied with redness, we sprayed this product directly onto those spots. Over the course of a few days of testing out the product, I definitely noticed a considerably less amount of redness and itching in general. It seemed to have accomplished everything it says it will, including relieving itchy hotspots, naturally healing hotspots and skin irritations, as well as reducing redness. Some results we noticed within a few hours included less scratching, but most took a couple days to show. If used has directed you’ll have a healthier and happier dog before you know it. We highly recommend checking out Legendary Canine and chatting with Nancy if you get the change. A passionate business owner who’s passionate about healthy dogs.


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We’re taking a little break…

Our superstar reviewer is a bit out of sorts and will be taking a break from reviewing products for the next few months. He’s ruptured his CCL and meniscus and will be undergoing surgery in the new year, because of this we won’t be posting any new reviews for awhile.

However, once Goose makes a full recovery they’ll be loads of products to provide feedback on, lots we’ve never had to use before since Goose has always been healthy and active.

We want to thank you for supporting Daily Dogs and we can’t wait to get back at it.

Ellen & Goose