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Urban Paw Snuffle Mat


Our Product Review: Anybody that knows us or reads our reviews knows that Goose always has to work for his meals. Since he was a puppy he’s never been fed from a bowl. He either gets his food thrown into the yard/grass when there’s no snow or uses a Kong Wobbler or hide and seek piles in the winter months. Now we’re happy to say we’ve got a new product to add to our winter-feeding arsenal. The Snuffle Mat. The Snuffle Mat plain and simple is amazing. It works your dogs brain and nose and keeps them engaged and stimulated during meal time. Compared to our other methods of feeding, the Snuffle Mat takes Goose 8 to 10 minutes to complete meal time compared to 20 minutes outside and 5 minutes with the Kong Wobbler indoors. We simple added his regular amount of food throughout the mat, placed it on the floor, and Goose went to work. Benefit of the mat over the Wobbler is that it’s quiet. The Wobbler bangs around and smashes into things, where as the only sounds heard with the Snuffle Mat are snuffles and snorts. We love that the mat is laundry-friendly (gentle cycle, air dry only) and made of durable materials that will last. When Goose is finished with meal times he proudly parades around the house carrying his mat. Snow days and rain storms now mean we get to look forward to Snuffle Mat meals. A must have for dog owners. Big thank you to Urban Paw for sending this product our way to review.



Company’s Description: An entirely unique experience, which engages dogs’ powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort, and sniff their way through dinner or treat time. Built to stimulate a dog’s natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, it feeds both their belly and their brain. This means you are giving your dog a fuller, more active and more rewarding day, every day! Well done, you!

Any Breed, Any Size. 3 Pound chihuahua? No problem! Have a bulldog that can’t use most puzzle feeders? It’s the perfect enrichment product for any dog, any size, and any shape. It should only be used when supervised.

Your dog’s nose and brain were made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff, and snort. They were made to work. Nose work or snuffling capitalizes on this natural desire to sniff and there’s no better time to do this work than during meal time. Dog’s noses have 300 million olfactory receptors that make them 10,000 times better at smelling than we are. And yet, we keep serving them dinner in a simple, stationary bowl that makes meal time a brainless activity for our pups. This bowl is a human invention and makes perfect sense to us. But to our dog, it’s a big question mark. If however, you use a Snuffle Mat, you are tapping into your dog’s primal instincts and giving them a job to do. The benefits of this are plentiful, including:

• It will keep you dog young. Mental stimulation will keep his mind sharp. With a healthy mind, the length and quality of life are increased.

• It will make your dog tired. Thinking and problem solving are exhausting. And as the old (and true) saying goes, “a tired dog is a good dog”. And a good dog gets positive attention and has a better bond with its owner, which is really all your dog wants.

• It keeps life interesting. Can you imagine endless days with nothing to do? It sounds like a great vacation idea, but if that was your whole life, it would be extraordinarily boring. Using a Snuffle Mat at meal time breaks up the day, tosses in something new and triggers thought. It literally gives your dog a job.

Snuffling never gets old or boring – it’s one of your dog’s favorite things to do – and the Snuffle Mat is the perfect product to let your dog be a dog.



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We’re taking a little break…

Our superstar reviewer is a bit out of sorts and will be taking a break from reviewing products for the next few months. He’s ruptured his CCL and meniscus and will be undergoing surgery in the new year, because of this we won’t be posting any new reviews for awhile.

However, once Goose makes a full recovery they’ll be loads of products to provide feedback on, lots we’ve never had to use before since Goose has always been healthy and active.

We want to thank you for supporting Daily Dogs and we can’t wait to get back at it.

Ellen & Goose