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Urban Paw Dog Services


Our Review: In December we went away to Hawaii for two weeks. It was an amazing stress-free trip filled with beach days, family time, and best of all, no work! But none of that could have been possible without Debbie and Urban Paw Dog Services. Our main concern before booking our trip was Goose. We wanted to make sure he was well taken care of so we needed two things. 1. We needed a dog/house sitter, someone to come stay at our house when we were gone so Goose could be in a stress-free environment, and 2. we needed to make sure he was well exercised, we needed a dog-walker. Before even booking our trip we made sure those checkboxes were both checked. I’ve got to say, Debbie was a god-send. For two weeks she would come over to the house and take Goose on a walk-adventure for at least an hour. She would even play with him and hang out with him afterwards in the house. Every day post-walk she would send multiple photos of Goose and updates to my phone on where and for how long they walked. Not only that, but she left notes in the house for the house-sitter on whether or not he pooped and peed so everyone was on the same page. She would let us know how he was doing and if he was acting normal or stressed or depressed. She treated him as if he was her own dog. She paid attention to his body language and checked him daily for things like ear infections, cuts, etc. Without Debbie we wouldn’t have been able to travel for such a long time at such a long distance away. It was nice to know that Goose had just as much fun at home without us as we did in Hawaii. I can’t recommend Urban Paw Dog Services enough. We’ll definitely be using Debbie and her team again, without a doubt or hesitation.


Company’s Description: Offering professional dog walking and pet sitting services in Milton, Ontario and Charlottetown, PEI. At Urban Paw Dog Services, everything we do is based on our purpose that “a well-walked dog is a happier dog.” Through regular exercise we believe every dog will become a more fulfilled and better behaved member of their family.

The relationships we form with our Clients and their Furkids are at the heart of what makes Urban Paw successful. We recognize that caring for the family dog is a privilege that comes with great responsibility, and we continually strive to offer an experience that promotes their well-being, and your peace of mind.


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We’re taking a little break…

Our superstar reviewer is a bit out of sorts and will be taking a break from reviewing products for the next few months. He’s ruptured his CCL and meniscus and will be undergoing surgery in the new year, because of this we won’t be posting any new reviews for awhile.

However, once Goose makes a full recovery they’ll be loads of products to provide feedback on, lots we’ve never had to use before since Goose has always been healthy and active.

We want to thank you for supporting Daily Dogs and we can’t wait to get back at it.

Ellen & Goose